Do you have a Getting Started Guide?

Yes click here to view the Getting Started guide.

What is RetainIt?

RetainIt is a new iPhone application created to help organize your life.  RetainIt allows you to create and manage to-dos, contacts, reminders, journals, sketches, photos, bookmarks, and more in custom cabinets that match how you live.

What is GTD?

GTD stands for Getting Things Done, which is a time-management system created by David Allen.  GTD allows you to organize your tasks in a way that lets you to focus on your “next actions”.

See the GTD page for details on how RetainIt implements this great system.

What are Cabinets?

Cabinets are a way to organize your information.  RetainIt comes preloaded with a “Personal” cabinet but you are free to create an unlimited number of cabinets.  Some example cabinets are “Work”, “Home”,  and “School”.

How do I create a Cabinet?

From the initial Home screen tap on cabinet icon.  On the Cabinets screen tap the “+” icon and enter the Cabinet name.

What can I store in a Cabinet?

You can store many types of information in a cabinet.  Each cabinet is created with twelve categories: Inbox, Contacts, Reminders, Today, Todos, Projects, Goals, Journal, Reference, Sketches, Photos, and Bookmarks.  There is also a Notebook section where you can create custom basic lists, to-do lists, or journals.

How do I set the background image for a Cabinet?

From the Cabinet home screen select the menu icon in the upper left.  Select “Edit Background” from the left menu.  You can then take a photo, select from your the photo library, or choose an included backgrounds.

How do I create a new Cabinet item?

From the Cabinet home screen you select the category icon (Todos, Reminders, Bookmarks, etc) you to which you wish to add an item.  Once in the category select the “+” toolbar icon or pull down from the top.

How do I rename a Cabinet?

From the Home screen select the file cabinet.  From the Cabinets screen tap “Edit” in the upper right hand corner then select the Cabinet you want to rename.

How do I delete a Cabinet?

From the Home screen select the file cabinet.  From the Cabinets screen tap “Edit” in the upper right hand corner then tap the “minus” icon next to the cabinet you wish to delete.  This will prompt you for the Cabinet name and display a confirmation dialog.

How do I link items together?

There are several ways to link items together:

  1. Copy/Paste Link by selecting Edit->Copy and Edit->Paste the using Tools menu located on the item detail toolbar.
  2. Tap the “+” icon on the item detail screen and select “Link”.

How do I pin an item?

Pinned items are display on the Home screen and on your Cabinet home.  You can pin an item two ways.  First from the item detail page select the Tool icon and click Edit->Pin, or if you are viewing a list of items long press on the item and select Edit->Pin.  To remove the pin from an item select the Pin icon at the top or from and Edit menu select Unpin.